Being an ambassador means you represent something that is higher than yourself. It means to be passionate about a cause and your work. At REFUZ Nation, we believe everyone has a gift that the world needs to see, and also, a community they can come to. This is where REFUZN can help.

We understand many are hobbyists, but we are far beyond that.  Because of our dedication to working with ambassadors, we seek the driven and ambitious. Therefore, we are an invitation-only community.

We work as partners to promote this brand as well as your work.
This includes, but not limited to:
- representation in the media
- pop up opportunities
- affiliate opportunities to make revenue.


Our ambassadors come from all walks of life.  We are the former corporate giants who gave up the hustle for our passion of cooking or painting.  We seek freedom through our art and creations.  At the core of our beings, we are creators, innovators, and dream chasers.